Friday, May 6, 2011

Seven Weeks (+/-) to Go

Who knows when the baby will come?! Probably around seven weeks from now, though. Tomorrow marks 33 weeks. It's pretty exciting.

You've probably already gathered from previous posts that we are having a homebirth. The midwife is coming in a few weeks, and thereafter will come every two weeks, and then every week. She was talking about setting up the pool at week 36. That's only 3 weeks away! Pretty incredible. I don't know if I can believe it.

The baby had a quiet spell the other day that was concerning. The baby moved very little all day. I called Margy (the midwife) and we talked about checking heart rate and things like that, and since I have a fetoscope I did it myself. The heart beat was good and strong at about 130 and went up when I moved around/ate/massaged my belly, which was a good sign. And the next day the baby moved around like normal, with plenty of side foot-kicks and bottom wiggles (I think it's the bottom). It's nice :)

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