Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Gambrinous?

Because it's better than being full of shit.

Gambrinous, according to wiktionary, means "Drunk; full of beer."

Drunk definitely isn't what I'm shooting for (it stinks, in my opinion, from personal, vomitous experience), but I believe, as Benjamin Franklin would agree, that God gave us beer and it's a good thing. I'd sooner give my children beer than soda pop. One of my goals is to brew my own beer.

So, Gambrinous because:
  1. God ordained fermentation
  2. It's tasty
  3. It's healthy
  4. It's wheat-y
  5. It's comforting
  6. It's German (that's where I had my first taste)
  7. There's nothing like it
  8. The one-beer feeling, as a friend of mine put it, is great. Not drunk, just one-beered.
  9. It just has a great sound to it. Try it in German; Das bier.
  10. I like it (for all the above reasons).

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