Saturday, April 30, 2011

Checking Grades on Saturday

Is a complete waste of time. Seriously, do I think my profs are going to post grades on the WEEKEND?!

I'm 1/4 into a nursing program at a university (4-year degree). I apply this summer and am informed of acceptance (or not) in the fall. Also, my husband and I are expecting a baby this summer. Sometimes I am afraid of the future. How will it work out?

But I also should reveal that I am not tuned into reality; "working out" to me means maintaining a 4.0. Last semester was my first year of university. Before that, I had gone to a community college and taken a math and writing class. For some reason they give A+ at the community college and I happened to get an A+ in algebra and an A in writing. This made me super-pleased, having never attended a school before (I was homeschooled and didn't really finish highschool. I "finished" but not officially and not very well). But I warned myself that my GPA would drop the following year when I entered university. For good or bad, I managed to pull off a 4.0, despite the fact that I had morning sickness through part of it. This is kind of bad, because now I expect it to happen again. So, the question is, will I 'fail' this semester and get an A-? One A- is enough to mess it up (I've done the math).

Am I entirely ridiculous? Yes. Can I stop it? No. Not really. So far one professor has posted grades (out of 5), and it's an A. What lies ahead? Doom and gloom with a little minus symbol after a letter? Sometimes I wish I had one B, just so I couldn't worry about maintaining the little zero after my GPA.

Someday I will look back on myself, after I've grown up, and laugh at myself.

Why Gambrinous?

Because it's better than being full of shit.

Gambrinous, according to wiktionary, means "Drunk; full of beer."

Drunk definitely isn't what I'm shooting for (it stinks, in my opinion, from personal, vomitous experience), but I believe, as Benjamin Franklin would agree, that God gave us beer and it's a good thing. I'd sooner give my children beer than soda pop. One of my goals is to brew my own beer.

So, Gambrinous because:
  1. God ordained fermentation
  2. It's tasty
  3. It's healthy
  4. It's wheat-y
  5. It's comforting
  6. It's German (that's where I had my first taste)
  7. There's nothing like it
  8. The one-beer feeling, as a friend of mine put it, is great. Not drunk, just one-beered.
  9. It just has a great sound to it. Try it in German; Das bier.
  10. I like it (for all the above reasons).

Pregnancy Blues

So far, my biggest two complains are carpal tunnel and peeing all night long. I wake up with my right hand numb and both writsts are fairly sore during the day. Nausea would be on the list, too, but it ended at about 15 weeks, so it's not a concern anymore.

That's not all that bad, I don't think, since pregnancy is so often made out to be a nightmare :)

Things I love:

baby moving
baby belly
knowing the baby is coming soon!
looking at baby clothes

Minor annoyances:

"Is it a girl or a boy?"
being so hard to turn over in bed
not being able to sit still very long
restless legs
not being able to walk as fast

Friday, April 29, 2011

Pregnancy Photos

13 weeks:
13 weeks?

31 weeks:
31 weeks

48 pounds of weight gain between the pictures. Scary! I don't know what to think :) Still two months to go, too.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm feeling a little sick. A friend has become engaged to marry under extenuating circumstances - her dad "allowed [the boy] to communicate with her," which is what lead to the engagement. How can I be happy for her :(

Run away, little bird. Run away and be free.

Labor Laws

I am expecting a baby in 2.5 months. I've made a list of things that I do not want in labor and things I would like in labor.

There's no point in listing everything here, but I feel like going on a little rant about labor. I am having our baby at home, and will not have access to pain-killers. That doesn't make me crazy, but it does mean that I will be mindful enough to know what's going on :P


No "This is so hard!"
Yes "You are doing good at overcoming XYZ, keep it up."

No hidden bad observations.
Yes, tell me bad things if we need to deal with them (IE, you're bleeding and we have to go to the hospital.)

YES: Tell me I'm not going to break. Tell me the baby will be born. Tell me the baby is not being hurt. Tell me everything that is going well. Tell me my vagina is stretching. Tell me I'm not alone - millions if not billions of women have done this and lived!

Am I nervous about labor? No. I feel like I did before I started my first year at college. I want to get into it, feel what I'm up against, and just do it.

I saw a friend's pictures from labor that said "She was so compliant." That scares me a little. I don't want to be compliant. I can imagine the last thing I'll want to do is take orders from anyone.