Sunday, June 12, 2011

Now To The Real Point

This blog is named Gambrinous, and at this point of the blog, a new adventure will start that is related to the title. For years I've wanted to brew my own beer but have put it off because I didn't want to invest so much all at once. However, considering that three or four sixpacks buys you a carboy, and just a few months of beer consumption would pay completely for all the equipment, it was quite silly of me to think that way. Now that I'm a full-time student with only part time work in the household (we used to both work full-time, basically), I am doing it!

I am so excited. I went to the brewing store with the intent of spending $50. I have a friend who's loaning me a carboy and an airlock, but I needed everything else. I ended up spending $50.58, which isn't as much as I thought it would be, actually, considering all of the things I needed. Here is a picture of the lot of stuff, excluding the yeast (which I discovered is expired, and I'll have to go back and get another packet! :(

I've gotten 24 bottles so far. I need to find another 24, and quickly! I'm planning on this being done around the time the baby comes, and I'll actually be able to imbibe.

Cascade hops.

24 bottles, all scrubbed and well-rinsed, ready for later sanitizing.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I feel bigger. And the baby feels lower. I'm at 37.5 weeks now. It's pretty exciting to think that in a month or so we'll have a baby. Well, we'll have a baby out in the open. We already have the baby, and I carry him/her around every where! ;)

My feet swell a little in the evenings if I've been walking around. My right fingertips are always a little tingly, and numb at night. I have heartburn. I can't bend over as well as I used to. It takes some work to get out of the pool. Sex is a lot more work.

But you know what, it isn't so bad. I feel patient right now. I predict the baby will come the 10th of July. That's 14 days late. We'll see :)