Saturday, April 30, 2011

Checking Grades on Saturday

Is a complete waste of time. Seriously, do I think my profs are going to post grades on the WEEKEND?!

I'm 1/4 into a nursing program at a university (4-year degree). I apply this summer and am informed of acceptance (or not) in the fall. Also, my husband and I are expecting a baby this summer. Sometimes I am afraid of the future. How will it work out?

But I also should reveal that I am not tuned into reality; "working out" to me means maintaining a 4.0. Last semester was my first year of university. Before that, I had gone to a community college and taken a math and writing class. For some reason they give A+ at the community college and I happened to get an A+ in algebra and an A in writing. This made me super-pleased, having never attended a school before (I was homeschooled and didn't really finish highschool. I "finished" but not officially and not very well). But I warned myself that my GPA would drop the following year when I entered university. For good or bad, I managed to pull off a 4.0, despite the fact that I had morning sickness through part of it. This is kind of bad, because now I expect it to happen again. So, the question is, will I 'fail' this semester and get an A-? One A- is enough to mess it up (I've done the math).

Am I entirely ridiculous? Yes. Can I stop it? No. Not really. So far one professor has posted grades (out of 5), and it's an A. What lies ahead? Doom and gloom with a little minus symbol after a letter? Sometimes I wish I had one B, just so I couldn't worry about maintaining the little zero after my GPA.

Someday I will look back on myself, after I've grown up, and laugh at myself.

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