Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Current State

The current state is flabby. It's beautiful, because of my belly, but the rest of me is needlessly flabby. Three years ago, this is what my arms looked like.


Then came some moves across the country (2), upsets in routines, and biggest of all, school. Let it suffice to say that they no longer look like that. (And they were never orange, as the photo appears). And ignore the funny looking scar. A story for a different time.

So my goals for post pregnancy are to keep doing well in school, get into the nursing program, and get re-muscled and strong. The school has a gym and I have access to a pool that's within walking distance. I have no excuses. I used to work out in parking lots with sound equipment. (Another story for another time). I can do this!

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