Tuesday, August 9, 2011


One thing I have never been in my life is decluttered. I come from a family of "collectors" and though sometimes I tell myself that I have managed to avoid inheriting the tendency, I too, am a "collector."

I don't know how much I can get rid of (wrong attitude), because we have a one-bedroom apartment and I've already "skinnied down" (not true, either, because we used to live OK in a studio apartment and I've collected much much more than I had there).

One of the biggest problems is that I have two sets of clothes - pregnant and non-pregnant. I don't know when I'll fit into my prepregnancy clothes. I have 30 pounds to lose. Is it worth it to save EVERYTHING for the next year, while I lose that weight? Soon after, I'll most likely be pregnant with another child, and then I will have to wear maternity clothes again. Besides, I like buying clothes, especially at thrift stores, so why would I hang on to everything and just store it for two or three years?

Blogging, indeed, is a help for talking this out with yourself ;) Ok, so that's settled. A lot of clothes will go out.

Music is another thing. When I was younger I used to think having CDs was a huge deal, because they were just coming out, yadda yadda, and I tried to hang on to every one I could. I've gotten rid of some since then, but I still have a tendency to hang on to them because, gasp, they're CDs! They're music! But I haven't listened to a CD for at least a month and when I do listen, it's usually one of a dozen albums that I am really into at the mo. Of course, that could change, but the CDs I've considered dozens of times and not listened to? Out!

Shoes is another. I don't have many pairs, but I don't wear many, either. Some of them just don't seem to fit anymore because my feet are bigger now, post pregnancy (strange?). Some of them were just a hair too small BEFORE I was pregnant and never wore them. A good friend sent them to me and I was enamored of them because they are gorgeous, well-made shoes, but I will almost certainly not fit into them now. Well, I just went to try them on and I can't even fit my toes into the fronts of them. Definitely going out - either back to my friend or I'll sell them.

Brewing equipment - not going to get rid of any of it. Getting rid of other stuff will help me have room for it.

That piece of leather in the closet that I've been saving to make something with someday? It's going to fit in my designated sewing box or its going away.

The metal frame knapsack sitting in the closet? Am I REALLY going to use it? (Doggone, it's going to be expensive to replace, I bought it at a yardsale for $5). Sell it, maybe?

Well this is enough for me to chew on for now. Off to trash the place while the babe is sleeping.

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