Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CLEP Update

I missed passing the CLEP by one point. Granted, the school I attend has a rather high cut-off for the passing score. The test creators suggest a passing score of 50; my college requires 63. And of course, I scored 62!

This is bad for morale. I am going to retest for this one in six months, but I have another test due in August that I absolutely must pass then or I have to take the class. Same with the retest on the first test. It's my last chance to try to pass it before I need to take the class without falling behind.


On the bright side, the beer is done! And I must say, it's almost finished. We (the two of us) have drunk at least 2/3 of the batch in two weeks. We didn't even wait all the way for bottle conditioning. I was impatient and opened one up early. And it was pretty darn good after just a few days of conditioning, so I put more in the fridge. And that just lead to more. Now I have four in the closet for long-term aging, to see how it ages up, two six packs to give away to friends, and assorted bigger bottles (an old swingtop wine bottle, a 22 oz) and two 12 oz in the fridge.

I would start another batch immediately but it is not going to work budget-wise till next month, since I need to buy a pot for boiling.

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